Earth Week may be coming to a close, but what did you miss? Quite a bit tobe frank. This past week SUNY Oswego celebrated everything that earth does for us and demonstrated support for environmental protections. This week the campus celebrated and presented the contributions that students and faculty have made thus far in order to preserve our schools beauty and environment.

On Monday we discussed how the removal of plastic and wastes from around campus and the dining halls has genuinely made a big impact on the amount of plastic that is discarded on a day to day basis.

On Tuesday we participated in reducing car usage by being able to use amenities provided to us through the Sustainability office such as bike share where you can rent a bike from the office located in Hewitt and bus share which provided alternate transportation for commuter students.

On Wednesday a climate change panel co-hosted by the Environmental Advisory Council and the Sustainability office discussed the challenges within the concept of climate change which will feature multiple different faculty members all representing a different program of study at Oswego.

On Thursday we focused on using alternate search engines that give back to the planet such as Ecosia which has been using their profits since 2009 to plant trees which has resulted in over 54 million trees being planted. We also focused on our new printing program Lakerprint which is projected to save around 120,000 sheets of paper a year due to getting rid of banner pages and sheets with our names.

However on Friday Lucas Grove a senior philosophy-psychology major will present the progress he has made in the “Fresh Water for All” project.

If you would like to learn more about Earth Week or simply would like to get involved around campus you can email the Director of Sustainability on campus Jamie Adams at or call the office at 315.312.2500.